5 simple ways to keep your residence dirty free during renovation

When your residential space undergoes a renovation, you are getting an opportunity to modify it according to your taste and style, which might not have been possible because of many other reasons. For some, it might be due to the lack of budget while building your dream home and some might have purchased the house as it is and might want to integrate a few changes. Nevertheless, home innovation helps in modifying your house more practically and usefully. Also, If you have any plans of selling your home in the near future, then a renovation or modification can help you to increase the value of the residential property.

It is imperative to note that renovations require clear and careful planning to handle the process smoothly and safely. Here we are going to discuss the Cleaning Tips during Residence Renovation.

Cleaning Tips during Residence Renovation

  • Empty the area to be modified or renovated

Free or empty everything that is possible to be moved away from the area you are planning to renovate. Even the modification process is a minor one, areas and things can get dirty beyond your expectations. Make sure that you remove the wall decorations, pictures, light fixtures and other kinds of furniture or décor pieces that can get dirty or dusty during the renovation process. Ensure to cover it and also an empty room will help the workers in a smooth way of performing the tasks.

  • Safeguard the Furniture

Most of the houses will be equipped with large furniture pieces like cots, wardrobes, tables, bookshelves, kitchen cabinets, and more. At times, moving these out of the areas where the modification process is happening might be a herculean task and people wrap them with plastic sheets or similar objects. But remember, sometimes that’s just not enough to protect your antique furniture from dust and debris. Always advised to wrap the furniture pieces in sheets and then wrap or cover them with plastic sheets.

  • Minimise the Dirt traces

If the renovation process is taking place in some interior areas of your residential place which is away from the entrance, then it will be difficult to keep the dust and debris from outside entering the house. The best resolution to this problem is to cover the path leading to the renovating area with carpet scraps, planks, or thick plastic sheets.

  • Make a Daily Cleaning Routine

To bring down the debris and mess left after each day of the renovation process is to create a daily cleaning routine according to your requirements. Make sure to have a discussion with your contractor on the cleaning requirements, usually, the contractor has to take care of the daily clean routine and disposal of debris in the modified area.

  • Hire a professional cleaning company

But the best decision you can take after a renovation process is to hire a professional cleaning company, this will give you less strain and more rest. Even after following the first four processes as mentioned above, still, there will be dust and debris left out to be cleared off, hiring a professional cleaning company will make the process smooth and easy.

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