9 Eco-friendly Cleaning Tips to Keep Our Home Cleaner

2020 had been the year that reminded the importance of cleanliness and personal hygiene to the populace across the globe. Constant cleaning and frequent sanitization procedures, to remove pathogens and antigens, have become the new normal. It is a viable option to hire residential cleaning services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to ensure a germ-free environment.


Professional cleaning companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, like Cleanpro, offer a safe space by pursuing antiviral cleaning processes. However, it should not happen that we are eventually harming the biosphere through the injudicious usage of chemical solutions. Eco-friendly cleaning material is the perfect solution for making your residential area safe without damaging nature. 

 Cleaning Tips for Your Home


Let’s see 9 eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are useful for making the residential space free of harmful germs and microorganisms. 

 1. Cleaning with Lemon

 Lemon is known to have antibacterial properties that make it an ideal substitute for chemicals with the same result. Use lemon solution alone or with baking soda or vinegar to give a shine to metallic surfaces. Further, the solution helps in removing odor. It may also be noted that Cleanpro and other leading residential cleaning services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, use environment-friendly cleaning materials to avoid the impact on the biosphere.

 2. Use Vinegar to Clean and Shine Surfaces

 Vinegar has excellent antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Dilute it and use vinegar for cleaning metallic surfaces, handles, and kitchen tops etc. Mixing with lemon will make the solution a deodorizer.  

 3. Baking Soda to Clean Surfaces and Remove Rust

 Vinegar and lemon are acidic, whereas Baking Soda is alkaline. It can be used with water to clean unbudging stains from the floor and corrosion from metal surfaces. You may consult cleaning companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to know more about the usage of baking soda. 

 4. Clean Your Bathrooms Often

 Bathrooms can turn dirty very fast. The thick soil may not come out easily. Spraying vinegar diluted with water can give positive results. However, don’t scrub if the dirt is not coming out easily. It can damage the tiles and grout. Mix baking soda with the diluted vinegar to make a paste. Apply it to the surface and allow 15-20 minutes for it to act. Clean after the said duration, the dirt will come out easily. 

 5.  Kitchen Cleanliness is Paramount

 An unhygienic kitchen can turn the whole family sick. In addition to cleaning the kitchen at the end of the day, sanitizing the kitchen on alternate days is advisable. Here also vinegar, baking soda and lemon are your best companions. Get support from a cleaning company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or your locality, to maintain the kitchen space hygienically.  

 6. Cleanliness of Oven

 Food remnants or other particles can turn into thick soil or stain. The paste made of Baking soda with water can be applied to the dirty surface. And allow it to remain overnight. The stains will come out easily the next day, and the inner surface of the oven will shine.

 7. Tiles in Your Bedroom and Living Room

 Use the lemon solution to clean the bedroom and living room tiles and give a fresh aroma to the room. Frequent cleaning would be necessary to keep the rooms free of germs. Periodic antiviral cleaning from residential cleaning services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other regions in the UAE may be considered. 

 8. Maintain the Cleanliness of Dishwasher

 White Vinegar is the optimal solution for maintaining the cleanliness of the dishwasher. Usage of chemical solution should be avoided as much as possible. 

 9. Descaling of Utensils

 Scaling is a normal phenomenon that occurs on kettles and other utensils. The solution of lemon, white vinegar, and water may be boiled for effective descaling. 

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