Sanitization vs Disinfection: what you need to know?

It has been almost a year since the coronavirus pandemic has affected the world. It has made us think seriously about sanitization, disinfection, and personal hygiene, some of the things we had taken for granted for a very long time. Except for sectors where sanitization and disinfection were indispensable, these services were seldom carried out. Well, now disinfection and sanitization have become a part of the ‘new normal.

Sanitization and disinfection are two types of cleaning processes. Even though they may be similarly sounding, there are quite a few differences between the two. Understanding the differences between sanitization and disinfection can help decide whether you require sanitization services or the services of disinfection.

What is Sanitization?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the term sanitized means “to reduce or eliminate pathogenic agents (such as bacteria) on the surfaces of (something)”. By sanitizing the public surfaces in your home and office helps make sure that the bacteria on them are at a safer level. 

Sanitization services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi can be done for homes, offices, restaurants, schools, and other institutions. The sanitization process is done using sanitizers, which vary according to their purpose. Some of the common sanitizers include floor cleaners, dishwashing liquids and soaps, hand sanitizers, and so on. As sanitization does not employ the services of harsh chemicals, the sanitized surfaces are safer for human contact.

What all surfaces can you sanitize?

You can sanitize anything that requires safe cleaning but not with harsh chemicals. Some of the surfaces include:

  • Doorknobs
  • Children’s toys
  • Remote controllers
  • Cooking tools

What is Disinfection?

Disinfection, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “the process of using a disinfectant to destroy, inactivate, or significantly reduce the concentration of pathogenic agents (such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi)”. Disinfection services employ the use of harsh chemicals that kills the pathogens from the surfaces.

Disinfection services can be done for homes, offices, hospitals, and other industries. In a home setting, toilets and sinks are the surfaces that are commonly disinfected. Disinfection is necessary for all surfaces that come in contact with seriously harmful germs and bacteria. As these harmful pathogens can cause serious health conditions for humans, eliminating them completely from your surfaces is necessary.

Disinfection processes are carried out by disinfectant solutions. Disinfectants are strong enough that they destroy 99.999% of germs from your surfaces. It is better to leave disinfected surfaces as it is without touching because they may sometimes be rash for the skin. For expert disinfection services, you can contact the best disinfection company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

What all surfaces can you disinfect?

Disinfection, as mentioned earlier, is best done for surfaces that come in contact with highly dangerous bacteria and other pathogens.

  • Toilets
  • Bathrooms
  • Hospitals

These are some of the differences between sanitization and disinfection. Knowing the differences can help prevent you from doing the wrong procedure in the future.

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