All about Pest Control Inspection Checklist

Pest control services are aimed at offering you a clean area free of pests, rodents, and insects. The pest control inspection undertaken by professional agencies like Cleanpro would include additional measures to prevent pest infestation in the near future. We suggest periodic pest control inspection to improve the home, workplace, or commercial space hygiene.

For more info regarding tailored pest control services and comprehensive pest inspection and control packages, you may get in touch with Cleanpro. We have been the leading pest control organization in the UAE, by delivering assured results to valued clients. 

Pest Control Inspection 

The pest control inspection has been devised with some well-defined objectives. Agencies offering complete pest control services should pursue proper, proven, methodology to make the space free of pests and keep the area protected from pest attacks at least for a specific period. The method of pest control inspection and services should be formulated depending on the characteristics of the area, i.e. home, business, industry, etc. 

The pest control inspection checklist would entail:

General questionnaire to understand the type of pest, the area of attack, the disturbances caused, and so on

Inspection to identify the degree of rodent infestation. This would aid in determining the solution to be used and the technique to adapt

Signs to confirm the infestation of the most common pest, Silverfish

Indications of cockroach infestation in the area

Ant infestation and the effect of the same in the interior portions of walls, floors, and cupboards

Disturbances caused by rats, insects, and other peculiar pests


General Questionnaire for Pest Control Inspection

Cleanpro would be using a questionnaire prepared by our team to analyze the damage caused by the pests, the level of pest control services required, the disposal of damaged items, etc.   

  1. Is there damage caused by the pests? If any, how severe is the pest infection?
  2. Does the building have any unsealed doors or openings?
  3. Do all the openings remain closed when not in use?
  4. Is there any water source near the house, business, or industrial building?
  5. Are all the taps and water connections tightly sealed? Is there any unrepaired leakage?
  6. Are there any waste collection points located closely?
  7. Is the food waste disposed of properly?
  8. How frequently is the building cleaned?
  9. What types of solutions are being used for cleaning?
  10. Are there any cracks on the windows, doors, or roofs?
  11. How properly sealed are the air-conditioning ducts?

How to Identify Rodent Infestation?

Cleanpro has been the top professional pest control service for a long time. We have meticulously derived a methodology for identifying rodent infestation.

Are there any droppings by rodents in any of the areas inside or around the building?

Is there any movement inside the cupboards, behind the false ceilings, beneath gypsum boards, or inside hollow walls? 

Inspection by our pest inspection team to confirm whether there are any nests made by the rodents

Are there any food items dropped by rodents at any corner of the building?

Signs to Confirm Cockroaches

Pungent smell indicative of cockroaches

Droppings of cockroaches at remote corners, below cupboards, and unreachable areas

Dead cockroaches or body parts of cockroaches

Brown marks indicate the movement of cockroaches, which would be identified by the expert eyes of Cleanpro professionals

How to Detect Ant Infestation?

Movement of ants around the building

Nests of ants in small cavities, cupboards, or outside the building

Damages to concrete floors, creation of hollow spaces inside the floor, etc.

Silverfish Infestation in the Building 

Check for silverfish in the bathrooms, scullery, washbasins, and other areas

Yellow stains left behind by silverfish

Scales and feces of silverfish 

The pest control inspection checklist must be complied with thoroughly to get the pest removed completely and prevent reappearance. Professional pest control services from Cleanpro would be helpful for your home, commercial space, or industry. We have a qualified and experienced team of professionals to deliver you excellent pest control services. 

Cleanpro Pest Control Services

We have been the leading pest control services in the country with a wide presence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other locations in UAE. We offer tailored pest control services depending on the client’s requirements. The packages would also be customized accordingly. 

Ideally, the type of pest control services would be based on:

Size of the pest infestation

Type of pest 

Pest control treatment required

Size and type of the area

Cleanpro assures you the best service to remove the pests from your property. We would provide you with a clean and safe space to live and work. To hire our pest control services, contact us now.