Best Sofa Cleaning Techniques

It is a common issue that-sofas get dirty. Chips and other little food items find their ways into the cracks, drinks get spilled, and pets track mud all over the surface. Luckily, cleaning a sofa is relatively easy–all you need is a little bit of time and some cleaning materials.

sofa cleaning techniques

Steps to shine your Sofa

first of all, remove large particles.

Getting into the deep-cleaning, we want to remove any surface dust and particles from the sofa.

  • To get into the cracks using the long, narrow connection.
  • Clean surfaces of the cushion using Vaccum.
  • Remove the cushion and clean the sofa base.

Clean off lint and hair.

Using a lint roller to eliminate lint and pet hairs which is not possible with the vacuum cleaner.
Move over the entire surface of the sofa and ensure you don’t lose any hair

Wipe hard surfaces of the sofa

Sofas have wood or other materials parts which are exposed, and you want to give attention too them also. Using a cleaning product appropriate for the surface we can do that job. We can use cloth and detergent to remove those stains and marks

.sofa cleaning

Give a sunbath for the sofa

By doing this we can avoid both nasty smell and small insects that are hiding under the sofa. Sunrays will give the sofa a new warm feel. Use new cloths for the sofa cover.

clean your sofa

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