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Avoid the following mistakes when cleaning sofas if you plan to do the cleaning yourself.

1. Usage of Strong Chemicals or Cleaning Agents

People often tend to use strong cleaning solutions to remove strong stains from the fabric. Remember that the chemical agent or the strong soap can cause permanent damage to the upholstery. The fabric will fade quickly if you continue using such strong cleaning solutions.

2. Following a Wrong Sofa Cleaning Technique

Cleanpro and other professional sofa cleaning services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, use a specific cleaning process. A wrong sofa cleaning technique can make the sofa dirtier than before, instead of cleaning it. Getting in touch with a trustworthy cleaning company in UAE if you want guidance on the right sofa cleaning methodology.

3. Not Rinsing the Sofa Thoroughly Post-cleaning

Rinse away the residues and foam of the cleaning solution. Dry the sofa post-cleaning. Dirt and dust will be stuck on the sofa, making it untidy. This can spoil your sofa cleaning process. Sofa cleaning services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi would dry the surface after cleaning, using bloat paper, vacuum cleaner, and other methods.  

4. Applying the Cleaner Directly on the Sofa Without Testing

You never know how the cleaning agent is going to react to the sofa fabric or leather. Even though the makers state the cleaner is safe for the fabric and other types of upholstery, you need to confirm it before applying it to the sofa. Else, you might be destroying your valued furniture. Test the cleaner on a hidden area before using it on a visible surface.

5. Too Much Water While Cleaning

Albeit approval by the manufacturer for wet cleaning of the sofa, you must limit the usage of water. Use only a limited amount of water for cleaning your sofa. Excessive water would take time to dry, besides causing the stink. Expert professionals from Cleanpro cleaning company in UAE use eco-friendly solutions, with a limited amount of water. To get a clean and tidy sofa.

How to Maintain Your Sofa Clean?

You can maintain your sofa clean by pursuing some simple steps. With this, you can reduce paying for sofa cleaning services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. Everyone may not be as affordable and reasonable as Cleanpro cleaning company in UAE.

  •  Vacuum the sofa regularly. By this, you can prevent dust being accumulated on the upholstery. The dust would become a stain that is difficult to remove.
  •  Never consume food or beverage sitting on the sofa. Strictly stop your kids from doing this. Children normally eat snacks while watching television. It is an open invitation for irremovable stains.
  • Keeping the sofa in the sun or in a space prone to moisture can damage the upholstery as well as the wooden frame. Although the sofa is kept in the living room normally, some people place it on the terrace or open space. You are reducing the life of the sofa by doing this.

The sofa enhances the aesthetic appeal of the home, in addition to offering a comfortable space to sit and relax. Hope this article would help you in cleaning your sofa properly, without causing any damage to it. For any queries, you may contact Cleanpro sofa cleaning services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

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