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Monday – The Beginning

Let’s begin the cleaning process with some simple dusting up. We would be cleaning windows, windowpanes, blinds, and cupboards as part of Monday's cleaning. Make sure to wear a facemask if you are allergic to dust. Or better hire Cleanpro for professional deep cleaning. Our experts from the deep cleaning services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi would complete the cleaning procedure in less time efficiently. Providing you with tidy and germ-free space.

Tuesday – The Continuation

Tuesday is for fans and lights. They would have heavy dust accumulated with days and months of use. The hitch here is that the dust would land straight onto the bed, floor, and surroundings. You can cover the beds and floors with polythene or some old cloth. Otherwise, the dusting up of fans and lights can double your effort with the dust and dirt spread around on the floor.

Wednesday – Midway Through Deep Cleaning

Using expert deep cleaning services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi might be a good idea. In case you want to save time and energy. The affordable but highly effective services from trusted cleaning firms like Cleanpro would help you maintain your home clean. Bathrooms are the target on this day. Ensure to use appropriate cleaning solutions to remove scales, fungus, and stains from the bathroom. The deadly combination of oil, soap, and dirt can make cleaning extremely difficult. Use eco-friendly cleaning solutions with proven results only.

Thursday – Kitchen Time It Is!

The kitchen is the health headquarters of every home.  Hygiene issues in the kitchen can lead to serious health implications. The space for cooking, the kitchen is the space where bacteria and other germs like to grow. Deep cleaning services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi would be using special solutions for removing stubborn stains and dirt from the kitchen. You need to clean not only the kitchen countertop and stove but also electrical items like the fridge and oven.  

Friday – For Your Personal Space

Bedrooms are the space used for relaxing, rejuvenation, and re-energizing. A clean and calm bedroom is the soul of the home. Since we have cleaned the curtains, fans, and lights, we can focus on wardrobes, headboards, closets, etc. Cleanpro maintains a meticulous cleaning process for deep cleaning of homes. To make the domestic environment as clean as possible and free of antigens and pathogens.

Saturday – The Final Act of Deep Cleaning

The deep cleaning week comes to an end on Saturday. Sunday is a rest day, the day for preparing yourself for the week ahead. We will be cleaning the floors and common areas on this day. Use adequate tools including a vacuum cleaner and mop for removing dust, dirt, and stains. Buy the right kind of cleaning solutions, the biodegradable ones, for cleaning the floors and common space. Using harsh chemicals can affect humans, other living beings, and the environment. Ask us if you need guidance on the cleaning liquids to be used. Cleanpro would provide you with the right guidance in this regard.

You can deep clean your home in the above-said ways, in six days. Hiring deep cleaning services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi periodically is a preferable option for maintaining your house healthy and clean.

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