Bed Bugs Pest Control Services

Two of the pests that invade our homes are bed bugs and cockroaches. While the former infests our bed, biting us while we are on it, the latter runs around our floors destroying food and other valuables. Eliminating them from your homes is necessary and the winter season is the time to do so, as […]

Rodent Control Services

Rodents are intruders unwelcome in any home. They are so annoying due to the fact that they cause great damage to anything and everything on your property. Effective handling of rodents and other pests are important for keeping your properties and documents safe from unwanted damages, and Clean Pro can help you with it. Clean […]

Termite Control Services

Termites are one of the most common pests found all over the world. Though it may seem harmless to sight, it has the ability to cause damage to wooden structures, furniture, and anything that contains cellulose. It is one of the major reasons why removing the risk of termite attack from our homes is largely […]


It’s winter and the temperatures are dipping. Staying outdoors is not as much possible as it was a few months ago, so staying indoors is the best way to stay comfortable. While indoors, you would switch on the air conditioning to feel more comfortable. However, with air conditioners in the home and the office working […]

Car Disinfection Services in UAE

Covid-19 has forced us to adopt new normals in order to stay healthy and safe from being affected by the virus. The new normals include practicing better personal hygiene, maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, sanitizing our hands regularly among many others. We are now forced to do things regularly, which we had only done once […]

School Disinfection Services

Private schools in the UAE are ready to welcome students for the 2020-21 academic calendar. After many months of online classes and holidays, students are eager to get back to the school, to their classes, meet their friends, and make new ones. So, now with school reopening in the UAE only a matter of time, […]