Deep Cleaning Services

The deep cleaning service is wherein every nook and corner of your place will get special care and attention while cleaning. It is highly recommended that a deep cleaning service for the first time is done for a premise that would keep the place in an elegant shape to start with, and then continue with normal routine cleaning.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have to be more careful about our hygiene. Even small misjudgment can cause us a big loss. With Normal cleaning, we can’t make sure that every corner of the house or office is cleaned. Because of that, we need Deep cleaning.
deep cleaning service

Best Deep Cleaning Techniques for Your Home

      1. Start your cleaning from High to Low

 Target high and hard to reach surfaces like ceiling, ceiling fans, and bulbs, walls, etc. We can use a microfiber mop.
It’s lightweight body and shapes makes it handier when cleaning High places.

      2. Deep Clean Windows

Windows are relatively easy to clean and the bonus is big. First, dust the paths and the window frames. Then spray the window from top to bottom with a glass cleaner. You can wipe it in a minute.

      3. Remove Dust from Surfaces

Wipe all remaining hard surfaces, such as wooden furniture, shelves, inserts, etc. Using a furniture cleaner and a soft cloth.

      4. Deep Clean the Floors

You have to move the furniture, even larger pieces like beds and sofas, etc to do this cleaning right. You can use a microfiber mop and cleaning solution to clean your hard surface. If you have carpet then its good to remove from the floor and clean it separately using a vacuum.

      5. Sanitize all Touching parts

Bacterias and viruses can be anywhere in the home. Proper sanitization should be applied to remove them. All human touching places should be sanitized. Computer keyboards, door handles, etc needed to be cleaned and sanitized.

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