How to clean wool carpets and rugs?

The Wool rugs or Carpets are one of the finest investments you can make in home décor. The Wool floor coverings are durable, warm underfoot, and adds aesthetic value to your residential and commercial style and space. Wool contains lanolin which repels stains and dust mites, and also, as a renewable and natural fibre, they daunt bacterial growth. Whether you possess a typical machine-woven or an antique hand-woven Persian Wool rug or carpet, you should take extreme care of them so that you can protect and preserve your investment.

None of the carpets can last forever or can be cent percent stain-proof. But with extra care regularly, you can add more years to the lifespan of your rugs and carpets. Suitably preserved carpets augment the appearance and environment of interiors. Maintaining the attractiveness of wool carpet is remarkably easy and is a lot more relaxed than most people think. The unique and intricate structure of wool releases soil up to 25% more efficiently when compared to the synthetic fibre carpet. Additionally, the natural resistance of wool fibres offers you time to act as liquid spills stay on top of the rug longer than leaking into the base of the carpets.

Below are the three basic steps to protect your precious investment

1) Vacuum regularly: Vacuum the carpets and rugs lightly and frequently in order to remove surface fur, dust and other kinds of fluff. Practice this on a weekly and more regularly in areas with high traffic and prone to more dust and debris. This will help in removing the soil and sand before it settles below the surface of the carpet and rug, where it is very problematic to remove and can scrape the carpet and further dull its appearance

2) Remove spills immediately: All kinds of spillages should be treated immediately. Spot up liquids with paper towels or an absorbent white cloth and scoop up any solids. 

3) Resort to Professionally Professional cleaning company in Dubai & Abu Dhabi for Carpet Cleaning Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Tips on removing stains from Wool Rug and Carpet

Here are a few tips for tackling the stains on Wool Rugs and Carpets.

Never Rub: Don’t rub a fresh stain as it only pushes the stains more profound into the carpet fibres. Scoop away the solids with a spoon or spatula blot up liquids with paper towels. 

Allow the mud to dry: In case of mud stains, you should wait until it dries down before cleaning that up. This is because dry mud stains are significantly easier to remove, this can be done using a dull edge tool, and the crumbly bits can be vacuumed up.

Avoid using stain remover directly: You should never have any kind of stain remover sprightly onto the wool rugs. Apply a dab of the cleaner on a white cloth and test it to ensure that it does not lead to the bleeding of colours or disappear. 

Never use bleach: Avoid applying chlorine bleach, ammonia, or even oxygen-bleach to a wool carpet or rug. These kinds of chemicals can harm the wool and lead to colours to bleed or disappear.

Why Carpet Cleaning Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

One significant benefit of taking the help of a professional cleaning company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, for a professional carpet cleaning service is that it helps extend the life of your wool carpet and rugs. Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, like Cleanpro, usually use cleaning methods that involve hot water extraction, which will effectively remove the debris from deep within the fibres and leave your carpet disinfected. The high temperature of the water used by Carpet Cleaning Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, like Cleanpro, kills allergens so that they cannot be a health threat and leaves the surface of the carpet completely sanitized.

Another great benefit provided by professional cleaning carpet experts at Cleanpro is that they can remove tough stains. Using the hot water extraction method, Cleanpro professionals can remove stains like Coffee spills, ink, pet stains, dirt and mud. 

You can increase the appearance and lifespan of the carpet with the help of Cleanpro. If you are concerned about having your carpet professionally cleaned, contact Cleanpro Carpet cleaning experts to schedule an appointment for your home today!