Kitchen and bedroom cleaning checklist before leaving on vacation

A much-awaited vacation brings immense relief to a stressful life pattern. Vacations open a window to a new culture, exploration of new places and foods, and many more. 

Imagine coming back to your house after an enthralling vacation and finding your living space unclean and unorganized. It will spoil the whole excitement and happiness of the fantastic holiday you had. 

So, while busy running around packing your suitcases for the vacation and shopping, don’t ever forget to follow some basic rules of cleaning the house because nobody wants to be welcomed to a sink filled with dirty dishes, untouched laundry baskets, and bed sheets that are no longer fresh. 

Read the following checklist for a clean house before planning and executing your next vacation so that you don’t have to worry and be concerned about things that await you while back at home after vacation.  

Checklist for Bedroom 

Relaxing in your own bedroom after a long vacation is a great experience if the bedroom is adequately cleaned. 

Read on about  our bedroom cleaning checklist:

Allow the blankets, mattress, and pillows to aerify

This is not a critical task, but if you are traveling out for an extended period, this will help you evade the stale smell in your bedroom.

Change the bedsheets

Make everyone in your family change their respective bed sheets a night or two before leaving for the vacation. Yes, we agree that the sheets won’t be fresh when you are back, but it will be a lot cozier to fall asleep into.

Keep the closet doors open

the closing and opening mechanisms of the wardrobe may differ. If you keep them closed for a long time, a stale smell could develop. 

Wash the clothes

Any clothes that have piled up for a long time on the bottom of your wardrobe shelf should be cleaned and put in the rightful place.

Checklist for Kitchen 

Indeed, you don’t want to come back to a kitchen accumulated without dirt, mold, and foul smell. So, here is the kitchen checklist from us. 

Clean out the Fridge

Never forget to clean out the fridge before you leave for your dream vacation. Make sure you toss the expired or the foods that will go bad by the time you return. Wipe the fridge inside and out. It’s not a critical task, but it would be better if you do this. 

Wash and clean the dishes

Ensure that you avoid piling up the dirty dishes and wash those before going, clean the sink as well. Also, if you are leaving in the morning,  remember to wash the breakfast dishes, or you can even consider grabbing breakfast while on the move. 

Empty and clean the Trash Cans

Make sure to empty all the trash cans before you leave home for the vacation. It’s also advised to wash your trash can sometimes a week before your vacation dates. 

Coming back after a relaxed

vacation and then getting into the kitchen and then toiling with cooking food can be tiring at times. Remember to store some dry or canned food for snacks. It will always be nice to have something to eat when you return from vacation. 

There is no need to do a thorough cleaning before leaving for a vacation, but a little dusting and vacuuming are advised. 

Dust and vacuum the common areas before the vacation day.

Give a deep cleaning to your showers, toilets, and sinks before leaving. Make sure to leave bathroom doors open while you’re away so that air can circulate through, which helps in the reduction of favorable conditions for molds and algae. 

Follow these simple steps and make sure you enjoy the long-awaited vacation with your loved ones tension-free.