How do Cleanpro and its team differ from other cleaning companies?

Cleaning services have gained popularity in the last few years. Several factors are attributed to this growth – increase in construction activities, investment flow in the real estate sector, growth in disposable income, and rise in the number of working women, which have opened to the progressive cleaning services market trends.

Cleaning services include a broad range of services that are wanted by both commercial and residential sectors. Cleaning services include window cleaning, floor cleaning, carpet & upholstery cleaning, maid services, and other variety of cleaning services, which residential and commercial consumers use.
According to reports, the Cleaning services market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.2%, and it will touch the $74,299 million mark by 2022.

When it comes to the cleaning businesses in the UAE, the volume has registered a growth between 40-50 percent in recent times. There was a considerable rise in the number of cleaning companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and it’s always confusing for the customers in which cleaning companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are to be trusted and relied upon when it comes to their cleaning requirements. Apart from the myriad of claims on services of the cleaning companies, one important factor you need to make sure of is that whether the cleaning companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
are certified by the Dubai and Abu Dhabi municipalities.

This is where Cleanpro comes into the picture. Cleanpro is a UAE-based professional cleaning company established in 2013 by Otaiba Saeed Al Otaiba and is part of Al Otaiba Enterprises. Apart from being a Dubai and Abu Dhabi Certified Cleaning Company, several other factors differentiate CleanPro from other contemporary cleaning companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The first and foremost point that sets Cleanpro
Apart from other cleaning companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is the quality of service by their expert cleaners who are well experienced, vetted, fully insured, and certified.

Cleanpro is a professional cleaning company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with particular emphasis on the quality of service. The management and the workers constantly monitor the market to ensure that they are updated on new developments and technologies in the cleaning services for commercial and residential properties.

For maintaining high levels of cleaning quality, the management team at Cleanpro implement strict quality control management techniques, including inspection and audit.

Cleanpro provides customized services according to the customer’s expectations, needs, and requirements. The team at Cleanpro works hard to gain a sustainable long-term relationship with our customers with the highest quality services provided by us.

To ensure that clients receive the best quality cleaning services, Cleanpro has in place and maintains:

The trained staff as per International Standards.

Continuous quality control measures, including inspections and auditing

Strict adherence to HS&E standards and policy

Risk assessment to safeguard workers and property

Portable Appliances Testing (PAT) for all machinery before use

ISO Integrated Management System

Quick resolution of contingent issues

Cleanpro is confident that our partnership will deliver the latest cutting-edge cleaning services available in the market than any other cleaning company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

See some of the reviews and positive feedbacks from Cleanpro

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
Good service. Cleanpro is one of the best cleaning companies in the UAE.
I am very happy with their service.
They did Deep Cleaning, Pest Control, and Sanitization in my apartment and they are professional.

— Prem Krishnan

Cleanpro is one of the best companies I have seen in terms of quality of work and customer service. These people are professional, and I am highly impressed with their work quality.
If you want to do Deep Cleaning in Abu Dhabi, Cleanpro is the best choice.

—- Uzair Khan

Best Service. Well-trained staff.
Cleanpro is one of the best cleaning companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
They offer domestic as well as commercial cleaning, sanitization, disinfection, and pest control services in UAE

——- Faris Manga