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We have been providing a brand new appeal to the commercial, residential, and industrial premises with our customized cleaning options. Using eco-friendly solutions, we not only turn your world into a healthier one but also put our bit into protecting the environment.

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Nowadays, all are too busy to look after their surroundings and keep a clean and germ-free space. We endeavour to help people and entities to maintain a hygienic environment, with proven anti-viral and anti-germ cleaning methods.

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Clients are often confused about deep cleaning and normal cleaning. We are elaborating on both types of cleaning for your better understanding of the process.

Normal Cleaning

This is what one does at home on a regular basis.  Normal cleaning maintains a specific standard of cleanliness. It will ensure that the house appears arranged, tidy and hygienic. The activities included in normal cleaning are:

        Vacuum cleaning of floors

        Mopping using a cleaning liquid

        Removing the garbage collected in the kitchen

        Wiping of kitchen surfaces and removal of food remnants

        General cleaning of bathrooms and toilette

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is intended to remove heavy dirt, grime, and scaling. One should carry out deep cleaning of the home at least once in six months. This will also include arranging the shelves, cupboards and other furniture. The deep cleaning agency you hire will render you the following cleaning services:

        Removal of scaling and thick dirt from the kitchen sink, scullery, toilet seats, showerhead, taps tiles, kitchen surface and other areas

        Removing sticky dirt and dust accumulated in the hidden areas behind furniture, cupboards, electronic appliances including fridge and washing machine

        Washing of windows using a special liquid to remove dirt to make it appear new

        Washing of verandah, balconies and other open areas

        Washing the floors of all the rooms using anti-viral solutions

        Cleaning the interiors of oven, fridges and washing machines (if necessary)

Since the deep cleaning task is elaborate and labour/ time consuming, the cleaning services or cleaning agency will charge more for deep cleaning than regular cleaning. Deep cleaning is undoubtedly an important activity to maintain your home and keep the inhabitants healthy.

We have been successful in garnering appreciation from our esteemed clientele by providing optimal cleaning services. The word of mouth publicity we obtained through satisfied customers has been fueling our forward journey. The exclusive features that distinguish us from others are:

        ISO certification for quality and service

        Approved by Dubai and Abu Dhabi Municipalities

        Consisting of more than 300 trained professional staff

        We offer guaranteed results

        Credible services since inception

        Convenient scheduling/ rescheduling of cleaning activities


Of course, you can. However, you may inform us 6-12 hours in advance regarding the rescheduling of the cleaning. It will help us in allocating our employees for other tasks and organizing the activity for you in the rescheduled time.

For all of our one-off services, we usually don’t require upfront payments. On completion of the services, you will have the option to pay via card or cash.