Sanitized and Safe Hotels during the pandemic

We know that after the pandemic outbreak, the travel industry is taking some serious hits. Travelers are more concerned and alert while traveling and are taking adequate measures to prevent infections. We are also aware that viruses can persist on surfaces for hours to days and that it’s impossible to know if the person who stayed in a room had any illness. Hence, It would be best to be proactive with sanitizing and disinfecting all the corners of your hotel. So, with the rising need for safety, security, and cleanliness, sanitizing restaurants and hotels have become inevitable. 

Importance of sanitized hotels post-pandemic

The expectations of keeping your customers safe and fed would be higher than ever at this hour. You might have already taken the necessary steps to follow the regulations. But, in a situation that is rapidly changing, regular review of cleanliness and other practices like sanitization is very important for now and the future. To obtain customer loyalty, having a clean hotel is an essential factor. CleanPro, a reputed cleaning company in the UAE provides top-notch sanitization services for hotels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Wealthiest cities of the emirates and the city life

We know that cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi have so much to offer a wild experience. After the architectural magnificence and shopping experiences, the exotic lives of the residents in what is known; weekend parties, nightlife, gatherings, and get-togethers. Now, hotels have reopened after a month-long break, and the cities and their people are live again. Get-togethers and parties are hosted in popular hotels in these cities every weekend. 

Best ways to disinfect hotel rooms during the pandemic

CleanPro gives you an extra layer of safety by disinfecting even the high touchpoints. We disinfect even the airborne pathogens using diffusers. We also stay up to date on regulations by regularly reviewing and checking on the practices and bettering our service. High touchpoints like doorknobs, handrails, and counters, are sanitized and disinfected timely and frequently with EPA-registered disinfectants that are approved for the use against the virus that causes COVID-19. Carpeted areas are cleaned using a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter. The food-contact surfaces are also cleaned and sanitized to remove pathogens. Unlike the norm cleaning service where the surfaces are just dusted and moped, CleanPro provides you with deep cleaning service & sanitizing services of each and every fixture to get rid of dust, dirt, and microbes. CleanPro employs tailored cleaning procedures for different hotels. Customer-centric services are what we provide which are done by trained staff with the help of machinery from international brands. The experts we have at CleanPro have received the training and experience to ensure that your hotel is cleaned properly to the highest standards of our hotel cleaning services. We can handle the cleaning in guest rooms, lobbies, employee break rooms, hallways, and much more. 

Restart your big business

The well-being and safety of the guests and staff are what matters for the hoteliers and we are aware of that. During this rise of hygienic concerns, we understand how important it is to take additional precautionary measures to safeguard the health of your guests. CleansPro would give you clean, fresh-smelling rooms and clean, crisp sheets on the beds that are very welcoming. Quality is a major deciding factor for people when choosing a hotel. Guests tend to move towards hotel options that are known to provide a cleaner and safer environment. CleanPro is undoubtedly the best cleaning company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi so why delay in connecting with us to sanitize your hotel? CleanPro provides you with the best service at the best rates.