UAE Winter: Office Cleaning Checklist 2021

Days are going to be shorter in the UAE as the winter season is at the doorsteps. It is important to make yourself ready for the winter. It is more important to start preparing your residential and office spaces for winter. Winter is a period when businesses can face challenges, so it is better to ensure that a complete office cleaning checklist in UAE winter is done. The volatile weather during winter can lead to staff absence which can rise over the period, due to staff sickness and in certain cases this is inevitable. There are high chances of spreading germs and illnesses such as the flu and colds in the office spaces. Also, the office spaces need to be professionally heated and insulated during the winter to ensure electric bills don’t affect the office expenses and also provide a comfortable working environment to the employees.

To maintain the cleanliness of your office space and to keep your employees or colleagues healthy and fit, we are laying out UAE Offices Cleaning Checklist 2021.

UAE Offices Cleaning Checklist 2021

Sanitize the common areas on a daily basis

Disinfecting the common areas regularly should be one of the top priorities in the UAE Offices Cleaning Checklist 2021. Washrooms and staff break rooms are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria that can cause serious health issues. These are common areas where your associates are likely to spend more time during the day. Office lobbies, conference rooms, and main areas of gathering areas need to be cleaned on a daily basis to prevent the spread of diseases.

Remove Salts from your office floors

In order to clean the hard surfaces in your office, use a combination of warm water and vinegar to mop to floors, this will help in getting the salt residue up off of the office floors. Ice melt and salt are a great combination that can resist the slippery patches outdoors during the winter season.
But these chemicals are tracked inside on shoes easily and leaving ugly white stains and even damaging your office floors. Often cleaning ice salt off your floors will aid in preserving the beauty of your carpet, tile and other flooring materials. Professional cleaning experts in the UAE, Cleanpro can benefit your office space and guarantee to maintain the floor shining all season long.

Keep the air-conditioning unit clean

Clean or replace the air-conditioning/heating unit’s filters and ensure that the ducts, vents, registers, coils, etc and all other components are clean and support healthy indoor air quality for your associates.
Hence, it is highly recommended to check your air conditioning units before winter and a cleaning process should be carried out. Keeping the filters, vents and duct clean helps in proper air circulation and ventilation.

Clean office carpets frequently

The office carpets can be a brooding ground for bacteria and mites. It is an excellent idea to get your office carpets clean by carpet cleaning professionals like Cleanpro. The professional carpet cleaners-Cleanpro helps in removing the salt and indoor allergens that have been entombed in the carpets.

Ensure the staff are vaccinated against COVID-19

The pandemic has negatively impacted businesses around the globe, hence making sure that the office space is being regularly cleaned as per COVID-19 cleaning guidelines. Also, make sure that the staff are vaccinated against Covid-19 as well.

Trust the cleaning experts at Cleanpro to help you with UAE Offices Cleaning Checklist 2021 and keep your office premises safe and clean. Talk to the Cleaning experts at Cleanpro today to see how we can help you make your office space ready for winter. As one of the prominent cleaning service providers in the UAE region, Cleanpro assures the safety of your associates during the winter.