Complete Guide to water tank cleaning services

Water is the most precious resource for the survival of humankind. From drinking -cooking -cleaning, to bathing, water is an integral part of our lives. In a few households, much focus is given on the purification process of water used for drinking and cooking. Sometimes we ignore the water that’s stored in the water tanks, which throughout a period turn contaminated with the sediments, algae, and other kinds of impurities that get deposited in water tanks. The algae and bacteria grow and breed in these tanks, as stagnant water sources are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. The usage of this water will lead to severe health complications. Extra care can avoid a lot of health complications. 

Water Tank Cleaning Process 

 Cleaning of water tanks in your residential and commercial properties is essential, and the process should be done at least once every year. At the same time, the cleaning process can vary depending on the quality of water. For example, Sedimentation will occur more on hard water and in water that is high in Total dissolved solids (TDS) (a term used to describe the inorganic salts and small amounts of organic matter present in solution in water) as compared to normal water. In that case, the water tank should be given star care, and cleaning should be done more than once a year. 

Keep the below points in mind before cleaning the water tanks: 


  • Make sure that the water tank cleaning team is well trained and certified. Also, equipped with correct tools and PPE kit
  • Perform a risk assessment so that you can identify, reduce or control the risks involved. 
  • Ensure to photograph the condition of the water tank before the cleaning process starts. 
  • Pre-disinfection cleaning flush is a must.

Take a look at the step by step water tank cleaning process 

  • As the first stage water tank cleaning process, the algae, dirt, sediments are cleaned off. After that, the water below the foot-valve level is pumped out. This process is done using special dewatering equipment. 

Sludge Removal 

  • In the second step, the sludge which is on the tank floor is eliminated using sludge pumping equipment

High-Pressure Cleaning

During the third phase of water tank cleaning, using a special high-pressure jet cleaner, the walls and the ceilings of the tanks are cleaned thoroughly.  This will help in the removal of algae and all other impurities which have clung to the tank’s internal surface on the interior surface of the tank.

Vacuum Cleaning

During the fourth stage, the cleaners use an industrial vacuum cleaner which will remove the remaining impurities, which will lead to a spot-free water tank.

Anti-bacterial Spray

The fifth stage is an anti-bacterial treatment. During this stage, the walls and ceilings of the water tanks are sterilized against bacterial attacks using special antibacterial agents. 

UV Radiation

In the last stage, the process of disinfection and sterilization is carried out using a specially designed UV Radiator. 

During this process, any kind of suspended or floating bacteria remaining in the tank is removed. 

Benefits and Uses

As mentioned above, stagnant water resources are breeding grounds for different types of bacteria. Even if you have installed a water purification system in your house, it might not remove the impurities from the water. Cleaning water tanks on a regular period helps in the growth reduction of harmful microorganisms. 

Bathing and showering with contaminated water can lead to health issues like eye infections, skin allergies, and many more. A healthy water resource can prevent all these avoidable health issues. 

Water Tank Cleaning Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi 

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