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Life on earth will be null without the existence of water. All living organisms need water for their survival. Water not just quenches our thirst but is also a major player in transporting nutrients to our cells and oxygen to our brain. It is proved that pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine. Hence it is essential to make sure that we consume uncontaminated water. At Cleanpro, this is what exactly we do. We are specialized in water tank cleaning and thereby help you in consuming only clean and pure water. Numerous forms of bacteria, germs, and wall molds thrive in your water tanks over time. Pollutants entering the water tanks tend to build up layers of mud, dust, and sludge which forms an excellent environment for the growth of plants and algae. The existence of these makes the water contaminated and foul-smelling. The presence of certain foreign bodies in water over a period makes it rot, rust and leads to corrosion. Polluted water is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria such as legionella and E. coli. Hence, it is highly recommended to get your water tanks cleaned at regular intervals. According to the United Arab Emirates, Dubai municipality water tank cleaning guidelines, periodic cleaning of your water tank is mandatory. We, at Cleanpro, have been providing the service of water tank cleaning in accordance with the Dubai Municipality’s guidelines.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai Municipality Approved Water Tank Cleaning Companies

Water storage tanks should be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a year as per Dubai Municipality’s water tank cleaning guidelines. In communities where water sources have high levels of sediments, cleaning is recommended more frequently. And/or if the household water starts tasting, appearing, or smelling different than usual, it is mandatory that you get your water tanks cleaned immediately.

Consumption of impure water triggers the onset of a lot of diseases. To avoid such unhealthy situations, it is important to make sure that the water we drink or cook food is made completely safe and clean. Hence, it is important to clean the water tanks in our homes and workplaces on a regular basis, as per Dubai Municipality’s water tank cleaning guidelines.

There are a lot of Dubai Municipality-approved water tank cleaning companies. Cleanpro Cleaning Service is one of the best amongst them. You can definitely rely on us for your residential and commercial water tank cleaning services.

We at Cleanpro use only chemicals that have been approved by the Municipality of Dubai and chemicals that are of food grade. Our procedure begins by scrubbing and cleaning all the inside surfaces of the tank using a stiff brush or a high-pressure jet.

It depends on the capacity of the tanks. Smaller tanks take about 1 hour, whereas larger ones may need more time.