What are pest control and types of methods?


Pests, roaches, and rodents are everywhere! Unless you control them effectively, they are going to make your life hell. The insects can not only disturb your peace but also damage furniture, electronic items, electrical cables, etc. Pest control services are aimed at controlling the roaches, rodents, and insects from growing to an uncontrollable level.

Generally, the pest control services comprise of three components, viz. eradicating the pests, preventing the insects from becoming a problem, and suppressing the number of the pests.

What are the Different Types of Pest Control?

Renowned pest control services like Cleanpro offer varying pest control, prevention, and suppression depending on the type of the insects. The client can choose the type of pest control service as convenient. The main target of Cleanpro is to save the client from the disturbance of roaches, rodents, and insects. And preventing the recurrence of pest growth.

Our pest control services would begin with the following steps:

  •         Identification of the pest, to formulate the correct pest control treatment. The pest control treatment would be discussed with the client and the efficacy of the process explained prior to commencing the pest control service.
  •         Determining the pest control process to be pursued. The way forward including the exact process would be identified and shared with the client.
  •         Treatment procedure to preclude pest population in the future would be instituted subsequent to successful completion of pest elimination.

The different types of pest control from Cleanpro are defined in the succeeding paragraphs.

Organic Pest Control Services

Organic solutions and natural methodologies would be employed during the organic pest control services. This is suggested to the clients concerned about the health of the small pet animals, friendly insects, etc.

Chemical Pest Control Services by Cleanpro

Our professional pest controllers would be using registered pesticides and chemicals for this pest control service. Cleanpro assure the best result without any side effects since we use only approved pesticides. The team, under the strict supervision of qualified personnel, would carry out the pest control procedure.

Biological Pest Control Services 

Biological methods would be instituted for controlling the population of specific pests. Friendly insects and other biological processes would be used as part of this.

Electronic Pest Control Services

Electromagnetic and ultrasonic pest control processes can be used to eliminate pests permanently. The technology can be used to prevent the reappearance of pests as well.  

The Conclusion

Hiring efficient and effective pest control services in UAE is vital for implementing the pest control procedure effectively. More than being ineffective, the improper usage of pesticides and chemicals can be detrimental for children, pets, and the inhabitants. Only approved pest control mechanisms must be used by the firm providing pest control services.

Cleanpro has been offering professional pest control services in UAE, with a team of qualified personnel carrying out all the activities. Reliable pest control services have been our identity since inception. Furthermore, we offer affordable pest control packages.

The exclusively formulated rodent and mosquito management system from Cleanpro has been lauded by our elite clientele. The mechanism has been proven to protect establishments, residents, and industrial areas of any size. We would submit you an estimate for pest control services based on:

  •         Size of the infested area
  •         Type of the pest to be eradicated
  •         Pest control treatments required
  •         Type of the pest control services

We assure you of the best results. The area would be free of pests after the pest control services from Cleanpro.  Further, it would prevent the recurrence of the pest disturbance.

To hire us for pest control services in UAE, contact us now.