Winter is here! It’s Time to Book Pest Control Services

Winter in UAE is about to begin- a period where you spend more time inside your home and enjoy with your loved ones provided by the comfort of your home. It is also a time when pests like spiders, ants, cockroaches, termites, bedbugs, fleas, rats etc go in a hibernation mode. Most house owners think that pest control is not an important procedure in winter. Just because the pests get into hibernation mode doesn’t mean that your residential place is safe from them. When many of the pests get into hibernation or die off during the winter, some pests move indoors and remain active there. 

Let us lay out the reasons why you should go for Pest Control Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi during Winter.

The temperatures drop during the autumn season and early winter- a period when certain insects and pests exploit the benefit of the warmth and shelter of your home and move indoors. There is a high probability of pests like stink bugs who need a small opening to enter indoors and take a resort in your basements and attics. 

If you conduct a thorough pest and insect inspection by Pest Control Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi during the early winter you can prevent their entry and potential health issues caused by these pests.

Rats and mice don’t lie dormant during the winter period. Instead, they will search for warmth and food, as they don’t have access to these resources are rare during winter. Imagine them getting access to your home, they will jeopardise your home and contaminate your food materials with their urine and faeces, and have a high chance of destroying your furniture and other household things. 

Cockroaches are another kind of pest that create chaos in your residential space. Winter is a time when the cockroaches want to get indoors to escape the cold. The invaders will breed throughout the winter season if they have easy access to warmth and food. 

An expert Pest Control Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi like Cleanpro will be able to identify the root causes of problems that can attract cockroaches. The pest control experts at Cleanpro eliminate these threats using eco-friendly products. 

Termites are another threat to your beautiful home during any season. The invasion of termites is high during winter if the home offers warmth, moisture, and wood in the form of furniture that is accessible to them. Appoint an expert Pest Control Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi like Cleanpro to identify the termite invasion. 

Ensure that your attic, basement, and any entry points are dry and ventilated well to keep things fresh and unattractive to dirty and dust-loving bugs.

Trash the idea of reducing the monthly budget and cost-saving measures by cutting your pest control service during the winter season. It provides a breeding ground for the pests and can cause a negative impact on your residential space and health. 

Hence, the Winter season is an apt time to buckle up your home’s defence measures. The pest control expert from Pest Control Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi like Cleanpro will help you deal with the invaders during the winters, by helping you identify the core issues and sealing up the entry points. They are also trained to eliminate pests using eco-friendly products. 

Do you suspect pest invasion in your home this winter in UAE or want to ensure that your house is safe against rodents and other invaders, Contact Cleanpro– one of the prominent Cleaning experts in Cleanpro. 

Talk to our experts today for pet and people-friendly Pest Control Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and end your winter blues.