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Cleanpro has experienced professionals exclusively trained in pest control techniques. We pursue internationally approved eco-friendly solutions that will remove pests including cockroaches, rodents, termites, bedbugs, ants, flies, and birds for a longer time. The process will also prevent the possibility of their return significantly.

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Nowadays, all are too busy to look after their surroundings and keep a clean and germ-free space. We endeavour to help people and entities to maintain a hygienic environment, with proven anti-viral and anti-germ cleaning methods.

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We are one of the top-rated pest control services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our competitively priced pest control services in the region include bedbug treatment, rodent control, and removal and control of cockroach, flies, and mosquitoes, besides setting up bird traps on roofs and sunshades. Talk to our professionals to know more about the pest control services and the process we pursue. You can trust us to get you assured results through the eco-friendly pest control solutions we use. Drop us a word to hire our pest control services at your residence, office, or industrial area in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Yes. Cleanpro has an exclusive team of qualified professionals for providing sanitization services and anti-viral treatment. Our cleaning services division has distinctive teams for commercial, industrial and residential cleaning in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our clinically tested anti-viral cleaning and sanitization methodology are proven effective in removing antigens and pathogens, as well as, ensuring the hygiene of the space.

The process we follow has been analysed and ascertained meticulously before putting it into operation. Your health is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we observe all the safety precautions, implement necessary measures and provide guidance to our clients. Yes, you can live in a home that has been disinfected/ sanitized/ fumigated. However, it may take around 3-4 hours for the solutions to discharge from the rooms or home. The service engineer will brief you in detail regarding the process of operation and other safety aspects. The care with which we perform each of the pest control and cleaning/ sanitization activities has made us one of the most-chosen services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an eye-opener for the world. Social distancing and work from home have become new normal subsequent to the spread of the disease.  Although the symptoms of the Coronavirus infection was evident in the initial period of the disease, slowly it became asymptomatic. With time, the new variants of Coronavirus have also appeared in different parts of the world including the UK and Africa. The studies indicate that the UK variant is spreading more quickly and easily than the previous one. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain personal hygiene and keep the surroundings clean.

Of course, sanitization is different from cleaning. Everyone should make it a habit to clean the residence, workspace and office every day. The high-touch areas, which means tables, kitchen counters, bathroom doors etcetera must be cleaned more often.  The generic methodology you can observe are:

        Clean high-touch areas more often

        Sanitize or disinfect the house whenever a visitor returns. If you expect many visitors a day, allot a specific room for them

        If anyone at your home is sick or indicates any symptoms of viral infection, keep them in quarantine and monitor. Obtain treatment if necessary

        Sanitize the home, at least, every alternate day

        Disinfect frequently touched items and areas including switches, kitchen counters, door handles etc

You can also contact us to get professional guidance regarding sanitization. Being one of the leading pest control, sanitization and cleaning services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we have in-depth awareness about this to help you.