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Sanitization & Disinfection

We are living in an era when hygiene is of paramount importance. The outbreak of the recent pandemic has reaffirmed this fact. That is why we have formulated exclusive sanitization and disinfection services.

Sanitization & Disinfection

We are living in an era when hygiene is of paramount importance. The outbreak of the recent pandemic has reaffirmed this fact. That is why we have formulated exclusive sanitization and disinfection services. With our proven services, you can offer a space free of antigens and pathogens to your family, your team members, clients, and visitors. We have specially derived sanitization services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. The process, eco-friendly solutions used, and the methodology pursued would differ depending on the property. We follow unique processes for residences, commercial centers, industrial units, and offices. Prevent harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses from taking control of your premises. Choose us for sanitization and disinfection services.


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What is Sanitization & Disinfection Cleaning Service

Sanitization and disinfection services are intended to remove harmful antigens and pathogens from the spaces and clearing of particles and debris that can become the brooding point for germs. The sanitization services would make the premises clean and healthy, adding confidence to all those using the area.


We have been the sought-after sanitization and disinfection company in the UAE, offering home and office sanitization services, fumigation services, and comprehensive cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi.


As a responsible firm, Cleanpro:


  • Uses EPA-registered disinfectants only. Thus being a part of protecting the environment.
  • Specially chosen hospital-grade disinfectant is utilized for ensuring perfectly clean spaces
  • Assures you a fully safe and hygienic area by eliminating 99.99% of antigens and pathogens
  • The solutions we use for sanitization and disinfection services are completely biodegradable without causing any harm to the biodiversity

How to Book Our service?

Booking our services is a short and simple process. For booking sanitization services in Dubai or sanitization services in Abu Dhabi, you can click on the “Book Now” button. Then enter the details of the home, office, commercial space, or industrial unit, where sanitization and disinfection are required. Pick the date and time and schedule. That’s it. Our professional sanitization and disinfection team would arrive at your doorstep at the preferred time and comply with the services. 

What’s the price for this service?

Cleanpro has been a customer-centric sanitization company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi offering reasonably priced services. None of our services including cleaning, maintenance, sanitization, and disinfection or fumigation is priced exorbitantly. All our services are offered at affordable rates. Moreover, our clients are free to custom-tailor the services according to their needs.


For more info on our sanitization and disinfection services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or for booking our service, you may drop us a message or call us now.



Sanitization services have become the first priority subsequent to the recent pandemic. Using advanced processes employing eco-friendly solutions, our professionals have been rendering a safe environment to clients for years. Our sanitization services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have been providing healthy living spaces, a germ-free office environment, and clean industrial premises.


Cleanpro sanitization company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi is proud to be serving some of the top organizations in UAE, besides offering our sanitization services to homes, small and medium business ventures, and production units. We have well-defined cleaning, fumigation, disinfection, and sanitization services suitable for premises of varying dimensions. Accordingly, the professionals deputed also would depend on the area to be sanitized.


The method of sanitization our sanitization company in Abu Dhabi, Dubai explores is:


  • Initially our expert would visit the area that requires sanitization for ascertaining the number of specialists needed, equipment required, and the solutions to be used.
  • The professional team under a sanitization specialist would arrive at the scheduled time, with all the cleaning and sanitization equipment and tools.
  • Cleaning of the area would be undertaken prior to implementing the sanitization process.
  • The prescribed quantity of the solution approved by the authority would be sprayed/ wiped on the suggested areas. It would be left on the surface for a pre-determined time. We guarantee you that the sanitization services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi uses a solution that is safe for even children, aged people, and pets.
  • Washing is not required as the solution disintegrates into simple salts and is not harmful to any living beings or to the environment.


You can talk to our sanitization and disinfection services team to know more about our services.


Periodic disinfection has become a mandatory requirement nowadays. The properly disinfected space would preclude the possibility of diseases and health issues. That is why we have started offering diligently formulated disinfection services. Our team would use advanced methods and proven agents to eliminate the allergens, germs, bacteria, and viruses from the space you live and work.


Our home and office disinfection services use biodegradable solutions only. The solution would be sprayed on all the specified areas including the nooks and corners. We finalize the process depending on the type of premises where disinfection is to be done. Therefore, the methodology for office disinfection services would be different from home disinfection services. In line with that, the hospital disinfection service would be entirely different from both of the previously mentioned.


The ultimate aim is to eradicate germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi. Our disinfection services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi assure you that.


The process pursued by our disinfection company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi is:


  • Visit the property where disinfection services are required. Meticulous inspection to identify the number of solutions required, tools to be used, etc.
  • Arrival of the disinfection team, at the scheduled time, with all the tools and eco-friendly disinfection solution.
  • Spraying of the disinfectant, even to the unreachable area by using special equipment.
  • Completion of the disinfection services in about four hours. The time required for disinfection may differ depending on the size of the property.




Cleanpro renders effective fumigation services besides sanitization and disinfection services. A pest infestation can destroy stored products and can cause financial loss. We use approved fumigation agents which will eliminate the pests and clear the area. We have been providing fumigation services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi in areas including warehouses, food storage areas, manufacturing units, and cargo containers.


Ensure a hygienic and pest-free space by choosing our fumigation services in UAE. Our pest control experts are trained in applying the fumigation service methodically, to gain the best result without harming the environment or the other living beings. The target has always been to remove pests and save the stored items. If improper fumigation is undertaken, it can do more harm than any good.


Our exclusive fumigation services involve the usage of authority-approved gases only. Thus we are able to ensure that the process doesn’t cause any harmful effects or leave any residue that may be detrimental. We have been the leading fumigation service company in UAE, by delivering assured results and offering the services at a competitive rate. 


The areas where our fumigation services are useful include:


  • Food processing centers
  • Cargo storage areas
  • Port warehouses
  • Shipping containers
  • Tobacco fumigation
  • Agricultural commodity storage spaces
  • Dates palm fumigation
  • Animal feed fumigation

Post-Covid Sanitization


Covid-19 has been the most lethal pandemic we saw this century. A clean premise with all the sanitization and disinfection services undertaken is vital for preventing the spread of the disease. Resistant to severe chemicals and capable of growing in any climatic scenario, the Coronavirus necessitates a specifically defined sanitization and disinfection process to eliminate them from the space.


Cleanpro as a sanitization company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi has been providing home sanitization services, office sanitization services, home disinfection services, office disinfection services, and sanitization and disinfection services to commercial and industrial areas. We undertake post-Covid sanitization after a thorough analysis of the area. Subsequently, the appropriate sanitization agents and accessories would be used for the services.


Our post-Covid sanitization service procedure involves:


  • Cleaning and disinfection services would be undertaken on the entire space. This would include windows, doors, handrails, furniture, sofa sets, bed, cupboards, office tables, chairs, and other items kept in the areas.
  • Each professional from the disinfection and sanitization team would be earmarked with specific rooms.
  • The eco-friendly solutions used would eradicate the Coronavirus and all the antigens and pathogens.
  • Our professional sanitization and disinfectant service team would be wearing PPE to ensure the utmost safety for them and the inhabitants.
  • Throughout the post-COVID sanitization process, the premises would be kept ventilated. Thereby ensuring the venting out of the unhealthy air from inside.


We have been pursuing meticulously designed cleaning, fumigation, sanitization, and disinfection processes. By executing this proven procedure, we have been playing a significant part in maintaining the premises healthy. Furthermore, we use eco-friendly solutions only. Thereby, putting our bit into maintaining the environment healthy and green.


You can hire us for safe and effective sanitization and disinfection services. We have been serving individuals, business firms, and multinational companies by providing them with exclusively designed services. A lot of prominent clientele is using our sanitization and disinfection services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Now you can book our fumigation, sanitization, and disinfection services online, by following a few simple steps. We assure you of the best services.


For any queries or guidance, contact us now.


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