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  1. Mud Tubes

Mud tubes are the most common and easily recognizable indication of termite pest infestation. The mud tube line might appear on the floor and extend to the walls. Breaking the mud tube and cleaning the mud/ clay will not be of any use. You must find their ecosystem and eliminate it. Some have this misconception that termites cannot reach the top floors of high-rise buildings. It is not the case. Termites can reach anywhere and start eating wooden wardrobes, picture frames, tables, and other furniture items. You must consult professional pest control services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi if you suspect termite infestation.

  1. Frass

Drywood termites cause frass that would be visible around the infested space. This is nothing but termite droppings that appears as the dark wood powder. Do not delay in implementing termite control measures if you find frass in any space.

  1. Doors and Windows Stuck

The expansion of wood can cause the windows and doors to get stuck. The second reason for the stuck doors and windows is termite infestation. The pests will cause deformation of the structure leading to this problem. You must inspect the doors and windows if the doors and windows are stuck, without any climatic variation. Seek support from termite control services to get rid of the termites, as well as, prevent their return.

  1. Termite Mounds

A few types of termites dwell underground. Whereas, some other types live inside the wooden structure they have infiltrated. Termite mounds can be found in the courtyard, garden, or the premises around your home. The termites will create a big colony under the soil and connect with each other through tunnels. You should call a pest control service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, with specialized termite control services for removing the termite mounds and undertaking termite control actions.

  1. Termite Swarms

You will find termite swarms in the evening flying around lights. The swarms are more during the late monsoon period. Termite swarms confirm that there is a termite colony in the vicinity. They may form new colonies soon. You should not delay hiring a termite control service if you see termite swarms.

These are the five clearly evident symptoms of termite infestation. You don’t have to worry even if your home, office, or commercial entity is infested with pests. Pest control services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi with exclusive termite control services.

The following also are also indicative of termite infestation, besides the above-mentioned signs.

  • Chewing Noise – The termites would be consuming the interiors of wood. This is audible in a silent environment. Further, they have a signaling system for others in case of danger or suspected attack on their colony. The termites would bang their head against the wood in such a situation.
  •  Wood powder on the floor – Do not neglect if you observe wood powder on the floor. Termites cause this. You can consult termite control services to find their dwelling and eliminate them.

How to Pick the Termite Control Services?

Only expert pest control services in Dubai, and Abu Dhabi must be assigned for termite control at your premises. Else, you might end up spending money without any evident result. The termite control services may remove the termites from the surface. The termites would hide somewhere and would return with more power quickly.

You can hire the best termite control services like Cleanpro for enduring results. The factors to look for prior to picking the pest control services are:

-   Experience with the pest control services

-   Expertise in the professional pest control team in the firm

-   What are the services offered and the packages provided

-   Ratings and reviews of the termite control services

-   Are they guaranteeing the efficacy of the services

-   Specifications of the solutions used for termite control services. It would be great if the company is using biodegradable solutions for the pest control activity

Are you disturbed with termite infestation at your place? Have you been looking for reliable pest control services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi? Do you need affordable and tailored termite control services?

You are at the right place then. Just pick up the phone and call us right away. We are the right agency for foolproof termite control at your premises.

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