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Pest control and disinfection have become the need of the hour due to the prevailing scenario. Pest infestation is not only annoying but also unhealthy and harmful for valuable furniture, electrical and electronic equipment, and other household items. Viral infection has been another alarming thing we have been encountering of late.

Pest control and disinfection services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other locations in UAE can be hired to clean up the area, control and get rid of the pests, and implement antiviral measures. Professionals from agencies like Cleanpro, with adequate knowledge about the pests and pathogens, would undertake the activity using specific eco-friendly solutions.

What are Pest Control Services?

Pest control disinfection services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc focus on eliminating pests, rodents, and other irritating insects. The methodology would involve the usage of environment-friendly solutions and special equipment to remove the pests effectively. Further, additional actions would be undertaken to prevent the reappearance of pests in the area.

Pest control services would involve inspection, identification, elimination, and prevention. Deep cleaning services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can be hired along with pest control disinfection services. So that, you receive a thoroughly clean area free of pests, antigens, and pathogens. You may reach out to Cleanpro, to know in detail about pest control disinfection services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the other emirates.

Why Should You Select Cleanpro Pest Control Services in Dubai/ Abu Dhabi?

Unique factors that make Cleanpro pest control disinfection services and deep cleaning services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi the most preferable are:

  •         Usage of eco0-friendly solutions that is not harmful to humans, other living beings. or                    nature.
  •         Qualified and trained professionals
  •         Exhaustive inspection of the assigned premise prior to pest control disinfection services in            Dubai, Abu Dhabi.
  •         Competitively priced pest control, disinfection. and deep cleaning services in Dubai, Abu              Dhabi.
  •         Usage of advanced equipment and accessories for the task.
  •         Comprehensive and conclusive pest control disinfection services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

What is Disinfection?

Disinfection is the process of eliminating antigens, pathogens, and other unhealthy organisms from the premises. A much-needed requirement especially in this period of the pandemic. The disinfection services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi would use chemical solutions or thermal methods to ensure the space is germfree and safe for living and working.

Most of the leading cleaning and pest control disinfection services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi like Cleanpro offer disinfection treatment as part of deep cleaning services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The two disinfection methods normally pursued are:

  •         Chemical Disinfection Process – Chemicals are used to eradicate harmful organisms from the premises. The chemical disinfection process is carried out methodically by trained professionals under the close supervision of qualified supervisors. Rampant usage of chemicals is not advisable and only reliable pest control disinfection services in Dubai or Abu Dhabi be hired for the service.

The types of chemicals used for chemical disinfection services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc would differ from agency to agency. Cleanpro uses eco-friendly solutions, to avoid causing any harm to the biosphere.

  •         Thermal Disinfection Process – Thermal disinfection process doesn’t use any type of chemicals for killing the antigens and pathogens. Instead, high temperature is the weapon that eliminates bacteria and viruses. The heat would cause the destruction of protein in the organisms turning them inert or destroying them.

Thermal disinfection may not be advisable for some of the areas wherein the heat can destroy the components. Cleanpro offers both types of disinfection services in UAE. We suggest the right pest control disinfection services based on the client’s needs.

Are you looking for a pest control disinfection service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi? Do you want deep cleaning services in Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

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