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1. Dry Cleaning

We provide dry cleaning services for curtains. Our quality services and qualified cleaning professionals can help remove all stains and dirt from the curtains. With spotless curtains, you can add to the beauty of your home. For this curtain cleaning service, we will check the curtain for stains and dirt. The next step involves thoroughly vacuuming the curtain to remove any dirt and soil. If spot cleaning is required for your curtain, it will be done at this stage. For dry cleaning services of your curtain, we use the best solution available in the market, in order to reduce damages to the curtain and keep it clean. Curtain dry cleaning services provided by the reputed cleaning company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi provides you with clean and disinfected curtains. However, curtain dry cleaning services suit homes where there is enough ventilation which removes the smell of the solution used.

2. Wet Cleaning

Another service provided for curtain cleaning services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi by the top company providing home cleaning services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi is wet cleaning services. For this cleaning service, we will check the curtain fabric for any color bleed. The cleaning process will begin only after we make sure that the curtain doesn’t bleed its color. The next step involves vacuuming the curtains so that any dust or dirt accumulated on the curtain is removed. Also, if the curtain requires spot cleaning, it is done at this stage. During the next stage, your curtain is treated with a pre-loosening agent. The curtain is rinsed well after this and kept for some time, after which it is rinsed one more time and dried. 

Curtain cleaning for homes and offices is important to keep your family and employees safe from respiratory diseases like asthma. With professional home cleaning services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi by CleanPro UAE, you can make sure of living in a clean and healthy environment. Contact us now!

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