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Why CleanPro for Termite Control Services?

Clean Pro has built its reputation as one of the leading companies in all sorts of home and commercial cleaning services, which includes pest control services. For over many years, we have provided quality services to all our clients and help them live and work in clean and safe spaces.

At Clean Pro, we make sure that the termite infestation is completely eliminated from your property so that you get complete peace of mind. Our termite pest control services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi employs a unique approach that makes sure of the complete safety of your establishment. Our services begin with assessing the location entirely and devising a plan of action. Based on your requirements, Clean Pro, the top trusted pest control company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi will provide adequate anti-termite treatment.

Anti-termite treatment is provided to control and eliminate the infestation of termites in your property. It is done with the help of Termiticide, a pesticide to eliminate termites. Be it for the mandatory pre-construction anti-termite treatment or post-construction anti-termite treatment, Clean Pro are the people to turn to.

Pre-Construction Termite Treatment

Pre-Construction termite treatment is mandatory in Dubai, which means that all new construction sites should undergo termite treatment to make sure that their buildings are safe from termite attacks in the future. If you are planning to construct a commercial building, a residential apartment, or a villa, make sure that you abide by the rules and get the pre-construction termite treatment done.

The pre-construction termite treatment in termite pest control services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi includes the application of termiticide on the foundation, the outside, and the inside of the building to prevent termite infestation. As the pesticide is directly applied to all areas of your construction site, the risk of termites affecting your site during the construction is eliminated.

Post-Construction Termite Treatment

Termites love anything that contains cellulose and wood, which makes your furniture and other wooden structures at risk. So, pre-construction termite treatment alone is not sufficient to keep termites at bay, especially preventing them from attacking the wooden structures in your home. Post-construction termite treatment becomes a necessity during this stage. The method that Clean Pro, the best pest control company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi employs for post-construction termite treatment is drill and injection.

To prevent termite attacks, we will drill holes in the floor in regular width and inject the termite pesticide into the holes. This method will help ensure that the pesticide acts as a barrier and prevent the growth and infestation of termites inside your home. With post-construction termite treatment, you can safeguard your valuables against termites for a long time.

These are the two types of anti-termite treatment offered by Clean Pro. A team of highly skilled and professional cleaners and a service style that uses the best solvents and solutions available in the industry are what makes Clean Pro the go-to pest control company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. Our services are designed to make sure that you live free of any worries and keep the unwanted pests in check. Hire Clean Pro today for effective termite pest control services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

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