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Formulate a Regular Cleaning Schedule

It is always advisable to prepare and maintain a cleaning schedule, this will make cleaning tasks easy and systematic. If you are prone to dust, mites, or pollen, then you should maintain your house and keep it dust-free to lessen the potential medical issues that can grapple you.

Deep cleaning the house on a daily basis might be a tedious task if you are working professionally, it is always better to formulate a cleaning schedule for your balance between house tasks and job.

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Choose the right cleaning and laundry products

People who are prone to different kinds of allergies should evade using cleaning materials that comprise harsh chemicals.  You should not use cleaning products that use Ammonia, Formaldehyde, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, etc. These chemicals can be found in cleaning products like Disinfectants, Dish detergents, mildew remover, and more.

Another house cleaning tip is that as an alternative for harsh chemical cleaning products, you can choose eco-friendly products or can resort to cleaning materials used in home remedies namely vinegar, salt, baking soda, and more. These can do wonders in eliminating tough stains, grime, mold, and mildew.

Vacuuming is Imperative

If you dream of a dust-free home, then remember your carpets and upholstered furniture requires thorough vacuuming. During the vacuum cleaning process dust, grime, and pollens that are hoarded inside the carpets and furniture are removed.

It is advised to do a thorough vacuuming of your carpets, surfaces, and furniture at least twice a week to abstain from dangerous allergens.

If you are not satisfied with the thorough vacuuming performed by your vacuum cleaners, then steam cleaning is highly recommended.

Cleanpro provides steam cleaning without any discoloration. Contact our Steam cleaning experts today.

Keep the air clear

Change the air filters frequently. Change bed sheets regularly, as it is covered with dead skin, hair and pollen that can be injurious if you are asthmatic or are facing other allergies. While dusting, use a damp cloth and the usage of dry clothes has less effect and strews more dust.

Treat mold and mildew instantly

To avoid the situation of moisture and dampness, ensure that you wipe down the wet surfaces in your bathroom including walls, floors. A microfiber cloth can be used to rub off the showerhead, walls, and floors. Ensure that there is enough ventilation.

 Keep the Kitchen Clean

Moisture control is also very important for the kitchen. You can stop the growth of mold and mildew by using a v exhaust fan to reduce the moisture. Keep the countertops clean and make sure to wash the dishes, this is very important to prevent any kinds of pests or bacteria.

 Clean the curtains & Blinds

 Curtains, blinds, and window panes are also dust collectors. These are not only a sore to the eyes, but it can also invite different kinds of allergies. One of the House cleaning tips to ease off allergies, vacuum curtains and drapes at least twice a month. 

 Keep the entryways clean

Here goes another house cleaning tip- keep the entrance to your house, patio, and the total area outside your front door clean and tidy. This will help in the reduction of dust, dirt, and pollen that enters your home.

 Avail the Use of Washable Microfiber Cloths and Mops

Here goes another house cleaning tip to ease allergies- you can use the microfiber cloths and mops which will attract dust much better when compared to paper or cotton towels. Make sure the microfiber cloths and mops are dampened before using it. They being non-abrasive fabric won’t leave scratch surfaces or streaks behind.

 Remove the footwear before entering the house

The bottom of your footwear carries umpteen numbers of nasty things like dust, bird droppings, and other kinds of potential health hazardous things. Assure that removing the footwear outside the house or in the mudroom is made a habit, the same is applied to the guests as well.

 Whether it is a regular cleaning or deep cleaning of your residential space, you should opt for Cleanpro – who are the experts in performing a thorough end of cleaning in the UAE  using safe and sound products.

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