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A hygienic and tidy restaurant is the first thing to attract more customers. After all, who would want to eat from an unclean restaurant? Restaurant cleaning services can be hired for undertaking deep cleaning or regular/ periodic cleaning. The professional cleaning companies in UAE have specific divisions for providing restaurant cleaning.

You can dial Cleanpro to know more about the restaurant cleaning services the company offers. Alternatively, you can institute measures for maintaining the restaurant and premises healthy and clean. Pursuing the tips we share here, you can have a great-looking restaurant. Cleanliness is the mantra every restaurateur should abide by meticulously.

  1. Staff Training on Cleanliness

Staff, including managers, supervisors, chefs, and waiters should be educated and trained on cleanliness. They must have thorough knowledge about healthy practices. You can get the support of restaurant cleaning services in UAE for training and educating the team. Further, being the owner of the restaurant you must undertake a periodic inspection to confirm that they are following the directives properly.

  • Training by the professionals from restaurant cleaning services
  • Demonstration of cleaning techniques by cleaning company in UAE
  • Introduction to various cleaning solutions for specific areas
  1. Staff Health Check-up

Unhealthy staff is not acceptable in the restaurant business. Even a single infected person can spread it to many. It is not a good sign that the customers getting infected by the restaurant staff. Periodic health check-ups, at least once in six months, must be made compulsory. Food, health, and hygiene training should also include classes on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  •  Educate them regarding the requirement of health check-up
  •  Verify the periodic health report
  •  Give strict orders to the employees who miss out on the check-up
  1. Pest Control Activities

Pests, rodents, and insects can cause various illnesses. Furthermore, imagine the condition wherein a customer notices insects or pests at your restaurant. It can create a disgusting feeling in them. The negative report would spread like wildfire eventually leading to people rejecting your restaurant. More than anything, word-of-mouth publicity is the essential element every business requires for thriving.

You can undertake the following methods to get rid of pest infestation:

  •  Hire professional restaurant cleaning services
  •  Get a cleaning company in UAE like Cleanpro, which has professionals with pest control specialization
  •  Undertake regular cleaning
  •  Remove food waste regularly, avoiding the possibility of pest infestation
  •  Deep cleaning at regular intervals
  1. Daily Cleaning of Floor, Tables, Chairs, and Utensils

Of course, utensils would be cleaned after every serving. Nonetheless, the supervisor should inspect the condition of the utensils every evening and ensure cleanliness. Floors, tables, and chairs must be cleaned on a daily basis. Avoid procrastinating it, thinking to clean on weekends or holidays. Floors will turn sticky with grime, due to spilled food getting mixed with dirt, if not cleaned properly.  Restaurant cleaning services may also be hired for the daily cleaning of the restaurant.

  •  Thorough cleaning of floors with soap solution
  •  Dusting and cleaning of chairs and tables
  •  Replacement of table cloth
  •  Vacuuming of sofas and reception area
  1. Deep Cleaning of Fridge, Oven, and Cooking Area

Cooking area cleaning is done daily. But, the sticky and oily remnants would require thorough cleaning. A cleaning company in UAE like Cleanpro would be of immense help in this. They would use advanced cleaning methods with eco-friendly solutions for deep cleaning of the fridge, oven, and cooking area.

  •  Remove all the items from the fridge and clean them thoroughly
  •  Use vinegar to remove the stench from the fridge
  •  Clean the oven thoroughly
  •  Get rid of stains and grime on the cooktop using specific cleaning solutions

We hope that these tips would help you maintain the restaurant healthy, neat, and shining. Eventually leading to a surge of customers.

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