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What is Regular Cleaning?

A regular cleaning service is intended for maintaining the cleanliness standards of your home, office, or commercial space. As the name indicates, the regular cleaning will be undertaken on a fixed schedule i.e. daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

Regular cleaning services are cheaper compared to other cleaning options offered. The cleaning company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi/ UAE will focus on cleaning the generic space. Thus ensuring that the premises are presentable and free of dust and dirt. A unique aspect of regular cleaning provided by Cleanpro is that the client can customize the cleaning activities required.

The regular cleaning will include:

  •  Dusting, wiping, and mopping
  •  Vacuum cleaning of rags, cushions, curtains, and beds
  •  Parapets, kitchen countertops, furniture, and wardrobes would be wiped clean of dust and dirt
  •  Wiping of windowpanes and mirrors
  •  Cleaning of bathrooms, taps and commode
  •  Making of beds
  •  Clearing of cobwebs

What is Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is another service offered by the cleaning companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. This service would look into the nook and corner of the property and would undertake a thorough cleaning. The elaborative cleaning process would remove deep stains, hidden dirt, cobwebs from the unnoticed areas, etc. Professional firms like Cleanpro use exclusive methods for specific areas.

Compared to regular cleaning, deep cleaning costs are very high. Nonetheless, it doesn’t have to be undertaken frequently. The extended gap between deep cleaning makes it affordable as well. Note that, you should not avoid deep cleaning thinking of the expenses. Regular cleaning cannot be considered a replacement for deep cleaning. Not pursuing deep cleaning using cleaning services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, at a stipulated periodicity will have adverse effects.

Features of deep cleaning are:

  • Remember that it is best to go for deep cleaning whenever you are cleaning the premises for the first time
  • Deep cleaning must be undertaken without fail before you conduct a party, get together or a special function
  • Thinking of selling your home? Get the deep cleaning done using the cleaning services in Dubai, Abu  Dhabi. A clean and tidy space can improve the chances of sale as well as the value of the property
  • Deep cleaning is necessary when you are shifting from a rented house or apartment
  • Deep cleaning method might need strong cleaning solutions and accessories. Hire only a professional firm like Cleanpro, which has experience in the field

What Do You Require – Regular Cleaning or Deep Cleaning?

Regular cleaning may be considered in deep cleaned space. It is always good to start with deep cleaning. So that every area, including those not cleaned normally, is clean and well kept. Regular cleaning may be planned subsequently. Cleanpro cleaning company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi offers custom-tailored cleaning services depending on the client’s needs. In that case, regular cleaning might also be advisable. Our professionals would guide you regarding the cleaning process and result that you can expect etc.

Differences Between Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

The basic differences between regular cleaning and deep cleaning are tabulated below. You might know about each type of cleaning if you have hired a professional cleaning company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi before.

Regular Cleaning Deep Cleaning
Needs to be undertaken on a regular periodicity Can be planned on a fixed schedule
Normal cleaning of visible spaces Cleaning of every nook and corner of the space
Dusting, wiping, and moping of the areas Thorough cleaning to remove even the strongest stain
Spaces including kitchen and bathrooms would be cleaned in a generic manner Meticulous cleaning including removal of grime, tough stains, scaling, soap scum, food stains, etc are undertaken during the deep cleaning process
Unreachable areas would not be cleaned Cleaning of areas difficult to reach is ensured using ladders and specialized cleaning accessories
Costs lower than other types of cleaning methods Cost is high, however, can be customized to lower the expenses

Cleanpro – Your Trusted Cleaning Company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Cleanpro has been one of the most reliable cleaning companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi serving top entities, individual clients, multinational companies and small firms. We believe in delivering diligent service at a nominal rate. We assure 100% commitment and proper cleanliness using advanced methods.

For more info on our deep and regular cleaning services, you may contact us now. 

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